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Take the Interpersonal Style Questionnaire and increase awareness of Who You Are, better understand How Others See You, and accelerate your ability to Relate, Connect, and Thrive.


What is an InterPersonal Style

Your Interpersonal Style is a pattern that represents the way you interact and communicate. Our Interpersonal Style services include a Self Style report, a 360° Style report, and Style Effectiveness reports. 

1 Self Style
2 360° Style
3 Style Effectiveness

How You See Yourself

Completing a Self Style Questionnaire provides you with insights into your communication characteristics and greatest strengths.

It's free and registration is not required.

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What people are saying

  • Teresa Osioway

    "This is the most useful program I've ever taken! It's caused a huge shift in how I understand others and myself, both personally and professionally.  Communication using a student's most comfortable style let me build trust that benefited my whole classroom."

  • Marinko Pavic

    "Interpersonal Styles helped me to recognize how I approach others, challenging me to deal with people more appropriately to the situation.  Knowing my communication strengths and weaknesses I've actually been able to talk to my parents and become closer to my girlfriend, all without frustration."

  • Soren Christiansen

    "As part of a dominant energy company, a significant challenge I faced was coordinating and aligning two Federal Governments, other Energy Companies, and First Nations peoples in the US and Canada.  Using Interpersonal Styles's communication, trust-building, and collaboration process, my division successfully achieved a negotiation that no one else was able to do. This was a first!"

  • Lori Girbac

    "As an Office Administrator I've had little training in relating efficiently with staff during conflict and stress. Interpersonal Styles changed all that!  I learned how to incorporate STYLES and TRUST to better avoid misunderstanding. My stress levels are so much better."

  • Alberto Martinez

    "Interpersonal Styles allowed me to see that people who I had trouble connecting with in the past aren't bad, they just have different styles that I learned to accept.  It's positively improved my interactions with friends, family, my boss, and coworkers."

  • Paul Sicotte

    "As a CEO of two energy related companies, Interpersonal Styles's performance system changed our culture in both companies within a competitive marketplace.  The change so greatly impacted our bottom line and ROI to the point of positioning my companies for a substantial buy out."

  • Nancy Bennett

    "I've always feared and avoided confrontation, with family, staff, and parents. I thought if I procrastinated…maybe it would resolve itself!  Everything I learned was tremendously helpful! As a single parent, it strengthened my family and taught me how to step out of my comfort zone to resolve any kind of conflict."

  • Brenda Jones

    "Interpersonal Styles far exceeded my expectations after 26 years in the educational field, so I recently offered the program to my whole staff.  What really captured us was how differently others perceived us in the 360° report compared to how we thought we were relating.  Now we've built a strong team culture. It's been great!"

  • Chris David

    "The Interpersonal Styles assessment easily identified my most preferred behaviors and taught me how to link my style with trust builders to establish and sustain strong relationships.  I use this with awareness on a daily basis in my life and career."

  • Janine Christiansen

    "My family took the style training and it totally helped us deal with our own personalities and build a stronger bond as a family.  I now know my strengths, weaknesses, and how to navigate through relationships in my career as well!"

  • Pasquale Martino

    "As president of an engineering company, Interpersonal Styles taught me how to understand styles and trust behaviors, letting me hire people with styles which best suited the role.  It's dramatically increased trust with customers, employee productivity, and my firm's overall performance!"

  • Mark Perrin

    "I continually felt judged and under-appreciated by my judgemental, task-driven boss, until Interpersonal Styles taught me style differences and how not to take it personally. Now I've used these people skills to land a better job, strengthen my attitude with coworkers, and turn my personal life around too!"

Practical solutions to boost your Interpersonal Success... because life isn't always easy.

Sometimes miscommunication leads to anger, sadness, frustration, and depression.

Miscommunication is the cause of 87% of personal stress. Interpersonal Style Effectiveness is the fastest, easiest, and most practical solution.


Miscommunication is the cause of up to 90% of all management problems.

In business, you can use  our Interpersonal Styles and Style Effectiveness techniques to overcome miscommunication, improve clarity, and drive organizational success.



Teamwork is critical when it comes to productivity.  When team members understand each others' Interpersonal Style, miscommunication can be eliminated and cooperation that leads to team success can be enhanced.


Coaches are always pursuing better ways to interact with those they mentor. Helping others develop and improve their productivity can be accelerated when using Interpersonal Effectiveness tools; enabling individuals to bond and connect on a deeper level.


HR professionals understand the power of Interpersonal Effectiveness with respect to learning, teamwork, safety, and innovation. Using our Interpersonal Styles and Style Effectiveness tools allow them to measure the effectiveness of these communications and thus help improve their clients productivity.


It is critical for leaders to communicate their ideas and initiatives with clarity and power. Understanding Interpersonal Styles and the dynamics of Interpersonal Effectiveness allows leaders to more effectively create clarity, understanding, and buy-in.


Your exciting journey into greater Interpersonal Intelligence starts with us.

“Since trust is the lifeblood of every personal and workplace relationship, it's the critical key in understanding and connecting with each other. Our processes teach you a communication blueprint of how-to-build deeper levels of trust with anyone. This one simple factor will help you eliminate miscommunication and communication tension, transforming your world one conversation at a time.

As an organization we have provided interpersonal and communication improvement services over several decades, and have listened to our clients which have enabled us to refine and improve our Interpersonal Style Programs. This has helped us continually enhance our services and help more and more of our clients thrive within their chosen markets. We thank all of our clients for their continued support. In appreciation and to all who visit this website, please utilize and enjoy the free Interpersonal Style services offered here.” 

Nick Perrin